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Hello, lovely readers. Long time no post, but we are back now, and on You Tube! Yesterday, Melva and I were interviewed by the lovely Anita Finley of Zoomer Times, which is now on their You Tube channel for all to see.

I (Anna) also blogged about it on my blog, Typing With Wet Nails, and if that isn’t enough, we will be scheduling a second interview later next month. What do you think they’ll ask us? Leave your guesses or suggestions in the comments, and we will see you very, very soon.



I write, read and blabber about historical and contemporary romance novels and related genres. Notebook addict, pen devotee, cat aunt, tea drinker, shipper, in love with art journals, history, my husband and stationery, not necessarily in that order.

3 thoughts on “Zoom-a-Zoom-a-ZoomerTimes

  1. WATCHING IT NOW! So much fun!

    i’M making coffee and will continue this interview before I head to work…

    Anna and Melva – you two are STARS!



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