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Weeeeee’re Baaaaaaaaaaack!

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Hello, dear readers! Did you miss us? We missed you. Were have we been? Well, 2020. That about says it all, but we don’t come back empty handed. Melva and I (Anna) are thrilled to announce we have completed the first draft of Drama King (at long last!) and are starting laying the groundwork for the third book in the Love By The Book series, Queen of Hearts. Once Drama King gets to the end of draft two (much easier now, since 2020 is behind us) we will be sending it off for editorial perusal.

We have some fun stuff coming up sooner than that, as February will see us giving our first online workshop with Charter Oak Readers and Writers. In the spring, we get the full book club treatment as Chasing With Prince Charming will be the book of the month in a regional book club, details to follow. This will be new for both of us, and we can’t wait to share the experience with you.

For those wondering where things are going after the first three Love By The Book installments, may we invite you to a small town on the New England coast, with a storied past and a present that proves love can be found in the most unlikely of places?

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Also on the agenda is a holiday collection (anthology? ) with solo and collaborative stories. Of course the priority right now is Drama King, and our own solo creations, but it’s always fun to look a little bit down the road. For right now, we will poll the room. What’s your preference, small towns or holiday stories? Small town holidays are also an acceptable compromise.

Thanks for your patience, your questions, and interest. Talk to you soon!




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