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Chasing Prince Charming? Caught Him!

It’s Here! It’s Here! It’s Here!

Meg and Dominic have arrived!

The waiting is over! If you, like Meg, have been Chasing Prince Charming, today is the day you can finally catch him. Big thanks to readers who have already told us their downloads are even now in their devices, and/or print copies are on the way.

Now begins the next phase, of waiting for the first reviews, on Goodreads, on Amazon, and other places. Will anybody read it? Will anybody like it? Should we ask if this or that Booktuber would like a review copy, or should that have been done before? Lots of questions, lots of options, but one thing is clear – that next book isn’t going to write itself. We have an author visit at Buried Under Romance later this week, which is tremendously fun, so keep an eye on this site for news of such doings.

For those readers who take a liking to Meg’s agent, Kelly (oh so nice and oh so crafty at the same time) or Dominic’s sister, Heather (single mom with keen editorial instincts and the heart of a true romantic) we are working on their stories, tentatively titled Drama King and Queen of Hearts.

in the meantime, check out our individual bios (I will figure out, soon, how to move them to their own page) and stay tuned for the origin story of our collaboration.

Happy reading!


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Meet the Authors

Two authors, with a single mind. Wait, that came out wrong. Or did it? Hi. We’re Melva and Anna, two writers who have written in genres as diverse as romantic suspense, cozy mystery, memoir, poetry, women’s fiction, historical romance, fanfiction, humor, nonfiction, and blogging for sites including Buried Under Romance, Heroes and Heartbreakers, and Unusual Historicals. Together, we write fun, smart contemporary romance on the sophisticated side of sexy.

Believe it or not, we’ve been friends for mumblecough years (it’s in double digits) ever since we met at a writers’ group, before it even occurred to us to write something together. Chasing Prince Charming was conceived at a writer’s conference (much like the one where Meg and Dominic meet in Chasing Prince Charming) gestated on multiple road trips and Skype conversations, and finally found its home at The Wild Rose Press – and hopefully in readers’ hearts. Individually, we are:

Melva Michaelian

Melva Michaelian

A former high school English teacher, Melva Michaelian has taught English composition and various literature courses at Springfield College and other area colleges and universities, was past president of Charter Oak Romance Writers, and is a current member of the New England Chapter of Romance Writers of America. When she is not teaching or traveling, she works on her novels and memoirs. She has also contributed short stories to such anthologies as Love Free or Die. Her poetry and humorous articles have appeared in several New England and national publications, and she has written two books, A Walk on the Wide Side and Testing the Heart, with co-author, Lorene Morin. As a solo, she has also penned romantic suspense novels and two upcoming non-fiction books and maintains a blog, Writing Food; Eating Words.  Melva is excited to be partnered with published author and friend Anna Bowling in a romance trilogy, the first of which, Chasing Prince Charming, is now available.  She resides in Massachusetts with her husband and enjoys having her four children living nearby, where they can both aggravate and inspire her.

Anna Carrasco Bowling

Anna Carrasco Bowling

Anna Carrasco Bowling stole her first historical romance novel from her mother’s nightstand, at the far too tender age of eleven. Within the first few pages, she knew she had found what she wanted to read and write for the rest of her life. So far, so good. Anna is currently doing the happily ever after thing with her Real Life Romance Hero, in New York’s Capitol Region, where she is a hospitality co-chair of Capitol Region Romance Writers. She is usually wearing at least one piece of jewelry with a skull on it, and can be easily bribed with tea, notebooks, or fountain pens. Readers interested in her solo historical romance novels can try one of her novellas, Never Too Late, or Queen of the Ocean, which are not related, and may be read in any order.

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The Journey Begins

What happens when two longtime friends show up early for breakfast at a romance writers’ conference? Well, in our case, this:

Coming Soon from The Wild Rose Press

Chasing Prince Charming is the first book in the Love By The Book series, coming soon from The Wild Rose Press. Though we’ve written different genres on our own, contemporary romance was a natural meeting place when we put our heads together. We hope you have as much fun reading these stories as we do writing them, because there’s plenty more to come.