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Chasing Prince Charming? Caught Him!

It’s Here! It’s Here! It’s Here!

Meg and Dominic have arrived!

The waiting is over! If you, like Meg, have been Chasing Prince Charming, today is the day you can finally catch him. Big thanks to readers who have already told us their downloads are even now in their devices, and/or print copies are on the way.

Now begins the next phase, of waiting for the first reviews, on Goodreads, on Amazon, and other places. Will anybody read it? Will anybody like it? Should we ask if this or that Booktuber would like a review copy, or should that have been done before? Lots of questions, lots of options, but one thing is clear – that next book isn’t going to write itself. We have an author visit at Buried Under Romance later this week, which is tremendously fun, so keep an eye on this site for news of such doings.

For those readers who take a liking to Meg’s agent, Kelly (oh so nice and oh so crafty at the same time) or Dominic’s sister, Heather (single mom with keen editorial instincts and the heart of a true romantic) we are working on their stories, tentatively titled Drama King and Queen of Hearts.

in the meantime, check out our individual bios (I will figure out, soon, how to move them to their own page) and stay tuned for the origin story of our collaboration.

Happy reading!